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About Me

Picture a beautiful young woman clad in  ---

O well, forget that part. Let's be honest here.

I'm a retired college library director who, having reared a large family of my own and interacted to a greater or lesser degree with several thousand college students, find myself with a little time on my hands and little tolerance for boredom. Also, some small store of knowledge and an egotistical desire to share it.

My B.A. degrees are in history and anthropology, and  my M.A. in Library and Information Science. I've been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since childhood. I guess since my parents were non-church-goers, I qualify as a convert.

My interest in history and anthropology probably give me a slightly different view of the Church than many have. You will notice this as you read the posts on this blog.

Conversely, my commitment to the Church gives me a view of history and anthropology that may sometimes be described as "out of the mainstream." In Anthropology, my overarching interest is in the peopling of the Americas: who were the first arrivals in the Western Hemisphere? Where did they come from? How did they get here?

My interest in History expanded as I worked on my personal genealogy. Learning that my ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War (and indeed probably helped to foment it), visiting the site of the Battle of King's Mountain and traveling to Wisconsin to visit the home (still standing) of my Great-great Grandfather who fought at Gettysburg made these events real to me.

You can see how the teachings of the Church are lining up here. I take both the Bible and Book of Mormon to be historical documents. And don't tell me they are not literally true in every respect. I know that. I also know that they were written by men, not by the moving finger of God. In other words, they are the Word of God, not the Words of God.

Scientists like to say that Science presents a picture of things as they appear today. As new information comes in, the picture will change.

The same is true of religion: our picture today is different from that of Martin Luther or Brigham Young. That doesn't make them wrong and us right. It just makes all of us seekers after truth.

Let's talk.